Amino Humate Ball (Super Shiny Balls)

Packing: 40kg Woven beg with inner beg


We provide best quality & widely accepted Amino Humate Shiny balls in black & brown color with 16-18% N, 35% organic matter.




Parameter Standard
Appearance: Black or Dark Brown

(Shiny Balls)

Size: 2-4mm
Organic substance: 35-40%
Humic acid (dry basis): 10-15%
Fulvic Acid 5-6%
Amino acid: 20-25%
Nitrogen: 16-18%
Potassium (as K2O): 4-6%
Moisture: 4-6%
pH: 2.5-5.5

(*Little variation as per different lots)




  • Stimulate seed germination and viability, root respiration, formation and growth.
  • Produce thicker, greener, and healthier foliage.
  • Produce more, larger, longer lasting, and more beautiful flowers.
  • Significantly increase the protein, vitamin, and mineral contents of most fruits and vegetables.
  • Help retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers in soils releasing them as needed to the growing plants to make soil more fertile and productive.
  • Increase the water holding capacity of soil helping plants to resist drought.
  • Reduce fertilizer requirements and increase yields in most crops.

Increase aeration of the soil.